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Our Services

Bosnia Wood Group is a reliable partner when it comes to wood. The products vary from simple charcoal to finished products, depending on the costumers needs. With the ability to retrieve lumber from our forests, we are able to reduce costs which makes the products even more attractive. Besides that, we do have excellent connections with wholesalers and the Government forests, which gives us an additional edge over our competitors. Those factors benefit to our ability to provide even larger amounts of wood products.

We are confident to say that we are an excellent choice when it comes to partnering up with a company from Bosnia and Herzegovina. In all honesty, it is not only hard to find good workers alone. What makes it hard today is also to find a good business partner that can deliver bigger amounts at reasonable prices. That´s why we are here to make it easy for You!


Our services in short would look like as follows. We take care of the goods You need by producing them within our and/or our partners facilities. The logistics are being organized by our side as well as the needed paperwork to export and deliver the desired products without any issues. We see to it that products arrive at your destination as ordered. The only thing we are not able to do is the import customs/papers in the designated country. That is with a simple reason: every partner has its own customs agency to take care of that tiny amount of paperwork.

Organizing a truck or container (depending on the destination), is within our concern. That allows us also to offer prices at various INCOTERMS. Having such abilities makes it easy for our partners, which assures a pleasant experience in doing business with us.

Beech Wood

To summarize everything written above: we manufacture the goods, we buy the goods for You if we are not able to produce them ourselves, we organize the shipping and we make sure that the paperwork is in order. For many years by now, we are practicing the same patterns which keep us in business. That proves that we truly are a reliable partner for You.

Production Of Goods

As mentioned earlier, we utilize our own sawmills as well the sawmills and production plants of our local business partners. This cooperation allows us to have a big variety of products at our disposal as well as the amount needed to satisfy the customers needs. Is it simple charcoal or something more delicate like hardwood flooring or furniture, we can deliver it.

The whole log is being utilized with the goal to reduce waste. Branches, bark, sawdust. Every little piece of the log will find its purpose in our production chain. Some pieces are being used for finished products, the other are being used to help them become what they need to be. For example, what can not be used as a finished product for trade is being utilized for our drying chambers.


Our own production facilities are focused on producing firewood, wood for furniture as well as construction wood. The diversity of our products starts at our forests. The logs are being transported to our sawmills, which are very close to the forests. There we cut them to different sizes, depending on the products the costumer needs. The wood is mostly being dried on air.  That way we are trying to reduce costs and CO2 emissions.

Of course, the option to use drying chambers stands open, if the customer desires kiln dried products.

White wood

Our focus is mostly set on the products we can produce ourselves. Those are also our top sellers and most exported goods. We have specialized in firewood and construction wood over the years to satisfy different markets around the globe. The firewood, as an example, is not only being used for heating systems in homes and/or larger facilities as hotels. It is also a great option for restaurants and pizzerias that rely on dry, clean firewood to create delicious meals.

The construction wood is being delivered either fresh or dried, depending on the costumers wishes and also the destination it needs to go.

Our Network Of Partners

With time, we have seen that it is not good to be self oriented. We have developed a system that benefits many companies within our country. That counts for larger producers as for family owned businesses. They all need to make a living, don´t they? Utilizing them has many benefits for the whole cluster of companies, working together. That is also our main goal: deliver quality products from Bosnia and Herzegovina to the world markets.


Wood for furniture or flooring is very often being exchanged for finished products. This gives us the opportunity to keep the prices low, following the saying “One Hand Is Washing The Other”. That way, we ensure to have almost every product made out of wood at our disposal. Furniture, doors and windows, construction beams, wall paneling, hardwood floors and so on.

We work hand in hand with such companies, providing them the resources they need to produce the quality we want to offer our costumers. We will take hardwood flooring as an example. Since we have large quantities of beech and oak, they are often being exchanged for either solid or engineered hardwood floors. They come in many varieties and sizes as they can be found within our products section on the website. Furniture for homes, hotel rooms or offices are also within our range.


There are also other products that we buy from our partners. Such products are briquettes and pellets. Even tho we had in mind of making our own production line, it has proven much simpler to trade such products, as we do not want to stress out our capacities. That could lead to something we want to prevent with all our force: loosing quality because of micromanagement.

Our partners offer excellent quality products for every demand. What we build our trust on is that such products have to be certified by international standards.


What is the use of a quality product if it can´t be safely delivered in time. To make that possible, we have teamed up with domestic shipping and transportation companies that provide the necessary services to us at good prices. That helps not only to deliver, but also to reduce the shipping price.

Since we are doing business mostly within Europe, a large network of trucking companies have been utilized to satisfy the needs. A large number of different trucking companies makes the price also more competitive, which keeps us in the game.

Truck on road

Using trucks only is not where the fun ends. Since we have costumers & partners beyond Europe, we are also using 20 and 40 feet containers. The whole process is being organized by our partners who have many years of experience. What we want to ensure is the safe handling and delivery of the products to the designated ports.

The transportation from the port of destination to the costumers warehouse is in most cases organized by our customers themselves. The reason is very simple: the customer has very often a better price from the local transportation companies than the ones our partners could offer. If the possibility exists that our partners can deliver at a low price, we take that into accounting too.

Ship on route

Most of the paperwork is being done by us, to assure that the export and transit goes smoothly, without any headaches. We want our customers and partners to have a stress free experience regarding the delivery. Isn´t it in the benefit for both sides?

Trusted Partners

We are exporting our products to many countries on 3 continents. Is your country flag not listed here? Then be the first to reach out to us!

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