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Time to build something

Wood is not only meant to make to forests look nice, no, wood is also an ideal material for construction. Since it is a sustainable resource and also good looking when implemented into the construct, it´s a highly demanded element for constructing houses, garages, warehouses or even larger buildings. Developments have prompted designers to take a new interest in the material, exploring not only its aesthetic appeal but also its structural potential and environmental value. A sampling of projects — from a seven-story office building that employs traditional wood joinery to a new model for ultra-energy-efficient housing — highlight surprising new uses of this age-old material.

  • Beams, batten and more

  • Cut to standard dimensions, length varies due to demand

  • Edged or unedged

  • Dried naturally or by drying chamber

  • Steaming is also possible

  • Huge variety of different types of wood

  • Shipping to desired destination/harbor possible