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Premium Quality and eco friendly

Thanks to our partners, we are able to offer high quality briquettes, made of pure hardwood, without any additives like glues or any other chemicals. This briquettes are 100% made of wood, compressed with around 1000 bar of pressure and heat, which leads to a natural binding of the sawdust. The sawdust is being collected from sawmills, cutting only high quality timber.
  • Round, 270 mm in length and 90 mm in diameter

  • Residual moisture under 10 % and ash content under 1%

  • 100 % Beech sawdust compressed with over 1000 bar/cbm

  • 5 briquettes per package – 10 kg per package – 96 packages per pallet

  • Energy value 18,5 KJ/kg

  • Clean, sustainable and environment friendly

  • Suitable for every fireplace