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Everything You need: on one place

Thanks to our partners here in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we are able to deliver our costumers everything they are looking for. Besides our own forests, we are also in a tight bonding with the Government Forests, which allows us to gather the raw materials for your desired product. We are working each day to gather new partners and to expand our product spectrum.

construction wood

Wood for construction

It does not matter which elements for construction You need, as long as it is wood, You can count on us.

Wood for everything

We have a wide spectrum of different wood species in different classes, so that we can cover your needs. Whether the less You need simple beams, wood for music instruments, furniture, toys or anything else, You are on the right spot.

Only the best

Veneer is the top of the line wood element and it requires careful handling and specific wood specifications. Sliced or rotary cut veneer available.

Changes every ambient

Offer your costumers the best and the most high quality flooring and help the to bring more joy into their homes with our wide flooring spectrum.

Out of whole logs

There is nothing more important in the winter than having a warm home. Nevertheless if You need to fire a stove or an open fireplace, we´ve got the right firewood for You.

Ready, set, Fire!

How to start a fire when the right materials are missing? Our kindling will bring your fire to the right temperature as fast as it can be done.

Small but powerful

We are wasting nothing when we handle our logs and forests. To guarantee a 100% usage of the whole log, we also are using the sawdust to create high quality pellets. Visit the section for more information.

Long lasting

Our premium quality briquettes are being compressed under very high pressure and only the best sawdust is being used for them. Visit the section for more information.

That smells delicious

There is no good barbecue without the right charcoal to heat up the fire. Our long lasting and excellent quality charcoal will deliver a wonderful result for each grill attempt.