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About Bosnia Wood

“Bosnia Wood Group” Export-Import is a young company but with a long history. It all started back in the beginning of the year 2000. Back then, under a different name, we´ve had multiple sawmills which were more than enough to satisfy the demand of our costumers. Huge contracts have been made and the products were exported in truck and shiploads. The main market was Egypt. Unfortunately, something happened that no one could have predicted, the currency (USD) in what the contracts have been made dropped so radical, that the company made a huge loss and was forced to shut down completely. After a long break, under a new name and “Bosnia Wood Group” has been rebuilt. An enterprise with a huge goal – to rebuild what has been lost in the last decade.
Armed with courage, enthusiasm and knowledge, Bosnia Wood Group is on it´s way to introduce the quality and potential of the Bosnian forests to the world. With time, the company has established a network all around the country, implementing different suppliers for the needs of our costumers, including transportation companies who are willing to deliver the products that our country offers. History has shown the quality of our wood, following back trace to the Ottoman Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Who is Bosnia Wood

Bosnia Wood Group is a small company, compared to the giant it once was. The father and son company is now a distributor for wood products for the international market. Binding together smaller and larger sawmills and factories, to present the quality of our domestic wood products
Time has changed many factors during the period, but one thing has never changed – the passion for wood and it´s products. Bosnia and Herzegovina has a huge potential, which are the forests. The clear waters and the soil give use dense forests with fast growing trees which have the quality who everybody desires.
Thanks to it´s nature, the different climates and the landscape, Bosnia and Herzegovina is offering a huge variety of wood species which allow us to manufacture basic or final products for our costumers
Bosnia Wood Group has one main mission – to unite all sawmills and producers and to conquer the international wood market together, with the main goal to satisfy Your need for wood products

Wood specification

Quality 100
Sustainable 100
Variation 100
Satisfaction 100