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Bosnia and Herzegovina is well known for the quality and variety of it´s forests. The perfect climate and landscape of Bosnia and Herzegovina is offering a huge variety of wood species which allow us to manufacture basic or final products for our costumers


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It does not matter if You need half finished elements, finished elements, construction wood, flooring, veneer, firewood or anything based on wood, we can deliver it.

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Our experience is our biggest strength, which guarantees Your satisfaction. We are working day on day off to deliver the desired products to You in time. Building long time relationships is the main goal we want to achieve.

Bosnia Wood Group d.o.o is a company with a big variety of products. Besides our own forests and sawmill, we are working with the Government forests and other companies together, making sure to place their products also reach the World. The main vision is to unite all the small sawmills and production lines and together to conquer the market with the domestic products. Feel free to browse our products. If there is something You can´t find, please contact us.
Bosnia and Herzegovina lies in the heart of the the Balkan peninsula and it´s also called the “heart shaped country”. Long before our time, the power of the domestic forests has been recognized by the Roman Empire. The biggest exploitation happened during the period of the Austro Hungarian empire, which also recognized the potential and quality of the domestic wood. We assure that there is no comparable quality thanks to the quality soil and rich mineral and water deposits underneath the surface.
Practice makes perfect, that´s what they say. The industry has mastered the craftsmanship of wood carving, processing and manufacturing. From unique handmade pieces to commercial manufacturing of everyday items and construction materials made of wood, almost everything can be found here. This long time experience has lead almost to perfection and to a 100% costumer satisfaction rate. Give us a chance to introduce our products to You and to impress You with the quality this country has to offer.

Why Choose Us

  • Huge experience when it comes to wood and trade
  • Large variety of wood species and products at your disposal
  • Since we are producers and distributors, there is no wood product we can´t get for You from Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Our network of logistic partners will make sure that You get the product in time
  • Excellent English and German language skills makes the communication more easy